Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Return of The Stag God

Well it has been quite some time since I lasted posted on here. During that time I have run a couple of FB pages (one still active) and a couple of FB groups (now defunct).

I decided...nay FELT...that the time was right to relaunch this here lil woodsy blog; and,  also I will aim to post over the weekends when I have more time to spare and devote to it though tonight may bring a little treat.

So, welcome back dear readers. The grove returns once more. Blessed Be )O(

Monday, 18 February 2013

Spring Approaches

Already here in the Northern hemisphere, there are the first faint signs of Spring. The snows when they fall last that little bit shorter; there are more sunny days; the first flowers are erupting from the Earth; and the days grow longer. The touch of the Antlered King and the Flower Maiden is everywhere and soon their union will give birth to a beauteous bounty of greenery and colourful flowers; young animals will be born...their infectious and innocent enthusiasm for life itself a valuable lesson to us all. The treese will soon begin to unfurl new leaves, bursting forth from buds that will be forming even as you read this.

Brightest Blessings be with you all.

Monday, 21 January 2013

An Exciting New Blog

Hi Everyone,

Here is an exciting new blog that is well worth checking out. Please visit and share the joy:

Blessed Be )O(

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Powerful and Primal Video

Blessed Be Everyone,

I wanted to share with you today a video I found on Youtube that I found to be particularly powerful. There is something that speaks deeply to the soul when you watch it. The combination of music and visuals somehow perfectly captures the essence of the Horned God and the primal energy of the forest.

The creator of the video has managed to create something that will stay with you. I often visualise this video when I am looking deep within myself to connect with the Horned God on the occasions I am unable to get out in nature.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and all credit to the video's creator, VJ Tasara.

Love and Light my fellow seekers )O(

Saturday, 12 January 2013

An Excellent Blogsite - The Simplified Witch

Greetings everyone,

I thought I would today share with you an excellent blogsite featuring many useful and enlightening articles. This site is run by Lavender and is a veritable goldmine of articles relating to witchcraft and all manner of related spiritual goodness. If you are in anyway interested in the Craft then I cannot speak highly enough about this site. I for one love it and learn something new with each visit, and you will find Lavender to be not only a very skilled and informed witch but a lovely lady too. Please swing by on your travels - whether you are a novice or an experienced practictioner you will gain something from her site I promise you.

Blessed Be )O(

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Devotional Poem to Cernunnos

"Sit with me, neath the Sacred Tree,
And rest beside its roots,
In soft green light, all the day and night.
Enjoy its blessed fruits,
The leaves turn brown then they tumble down,
As Holly is our King,
At Yuletide's yoke, comes the King of Oak,
And rules throughout the Spring.
Yet above them all, with the hunter's call,
Stands the stag lord, mighty Herne,
Cernunnos proud, winds a horn blast loud,
And from him we shall learn,
Of the mysteries, of the beasts and trees,
And all that grows in green,
For in him we trust, as the land is just,
And the Goddess is his Queen

Blessed Be )O(

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Notice: New Facebook Page

Dear Friends,

I now have a new Facebook page for The Pagan Wildwood. All are welcome.

This will provide another place for the wondrous world of the Horned One to be brought to life. Sometimes that page will feature some (but not all) of the blog posts posted here but there also will be other new materials and discussions featured there. This will in no way impinge on the Blog here or vice-versa. They will be separate yet co-existent aspects of the Sacred Grove.

Blessed Be. Love and Light to you all.